Senior Management


 What do we class as Senior Management?

As part of our executive appointment service, we have 3 levels of personnel we recruit. The first is Senior Management selection, the second Executive Search and Selection for the recruitment of Operational Directors and then we undertake The appointment of Non Executive Directors.

Senior Managers are those who hold a senior managerial position with the company and who have decision making powers, generally manage budgets and supervise other managers and/or departments.

These senior managers report directly to a Director or Board of Directors and their salary and package is generally above £40K.

A bespoke recruitment service

By establishing the level at which we consider an executive senior management selection process should be applied, it helps concentrate on the executive process. We would always seek to sit down with the key personnel or decision makers involved in the interview and appointment decision making process. That way we can discuss and agree on the following:

  • The personality, values and character traits of the person required
  • The skills, qualifications, knowledge and experience of the ideal person sought
  • The full specifics of the role, the equipment used, your internal procedures and processes, standards, quality awards and business vision
  • The current markets you operate within

As well as more specific detail we would agree regarding the recruitment search and selection process. Only then would we agree the exact level of promotional activity, communication, budget, advertising, documentation and timescales for the whole process.

Why TSL?

  • We have access to a wide range of specific Job Boards for high value candidates
  • We are very experienced at designing adverts that are attractive and deliver high levels of response from the target audience
  • We already have an active database of candidates who are ‘looking’ without disclosing their availability on Job sites
  • We have the experience, knowledge and credibility to engage high value candidates and present a very professional image of ourselves which reflects immediately on your company.
  • We mange the whole process and are always available for pre-interview support, on hand for interviews and can also facilitate all post interview decision making.
  • We always ensure all unsuccessful candidates are given salient feedback and are supported where necessary post interview, again, reflecting well on your company.

For more information on our Senior Management selection process please contact Tracey Lally in our Sheffield office on 01142 612 312. She will be happy to discuss our processes and your requirement ion more detail.


You can be assured that all TSL candidates will have been subject to our FULL recruitment process including:

Telephone Screening • Full Candidate Registration Process • ID Checking • Full Interview • Skills Checking/Testing

Securing Proof of Qualifications • Reference Checking • Proof of Ability to Work in UK •

CRB (DBS) Checking Where Necessary