Recruitment Consultancy

What does Recruitment Consultancy actually mean?tsl-logo-consultancy

The term consultancy can trigger immediate, often negative images and feelings. Consultancy used to mean that you charged hundreds of pounds per day, often quoting and selling the benefits of the latest theories and technology that would, if embraced, dramatically change the life of the business forever.

Whilst in many cases that has proved to be true, the impact of the recession has changed peoples view on spending, and so now we feel that the time for change and readjustment is upon us.

To us, here at TSL we believe that ‘Consultancy’ now means being seen as being an expert in your area of work, having the ability to share, support, coach and advise others in our area of expertise.

Hence this area of our site offers help, support and advice coupled with a developing infra-structure bringing like minded businesses together to share knowledge information and passion – for the mutual betterment of us all.

So what do we consult / support / advise upon ?

We already offer:

  • A monthly FREE newsletter packed with relevant HR related information
  • A monthly FREE UK / Regional Jobs Survey e-flyer packed with the latest sector data
  • A FREE Quarterly HR Seminar providing some real business impact for the busy SME owner, (partnered by other legal specialists)
  • FREE Online Seminars – short burst 20 minute seminars you attend whilst at your desk
  • FREE Telephone helpline where you can have a Q&A session  to discuss any recruitment issue you may be experiencing
  • FREE Careers advice service for all those wanting a change in direction or career planning support

Then there are the things we don’t do for FREE

  • In house training & support covering multiple HR & Recruitment disciplines

These pages should tell you lots more.

Any questions please give us a ring on any of the numbers listed or request a call back via the option on the left hand side of this page.