Temporary Payroll Service

We have many clients where they have a bank of ‘reserve staff’ whom they call upon during busy periods and for whom we do their payroll and invoice the client for the work undertaken.

Here’s how the temporary payroll service works.

What you are responsible for

  • You advertise, recruit or create a bank of candidates that you are comfortable can come in at any time to cover busy periods, staff shortage, sickness, holidays or weekend work.
  • You call them into work and manage the relationship (we can do this for you if you require/prefer).
  • You inform us of their hourly pay rate
  • You supply the worker with one of our timesheets and authorise their working hours, then submit it to us for the processing of payroll
  • You pay the invoice no later than 30 days later

What we undertake on your behalf

  • We make sure they are registered with us
  • We make sure there is a contract for services in place for your temporary worker
  • We process the timesheet, ensure the correct tax and National Insurance payments are made
  • We pay your temporary worker
  • We invoice you for their total cost plus a small admin fee to cover payroll and admin costs

How many of your own temporary staff can you ask us to payroll?

  • The minimum number is obviously 1  after that its up to you, if you would prefer to move all your own temporary staff onto our payroll we can discuss all your needs

For more information on our Temporary Payroll Service please contact our payroll desk on 01226 249 666 and ask for Simon.