Temp to Perm

As a responsible recruitment agency we believe we should give all clients the best options, so it is worth considering our ‘Temp to Perm’ option

Ideal for…

When you want to ‘try before you buy’ and work with a candidate before offering then a permanent role.

  • The temporary worker can experience the role and your working environment, before taking the role permanently.
  • You get to see if they will fit in with your existing team, perform as you would like, if they contribute to the business or not as the case may be – with no risk to your business
  • Most popular and cost effective way to recruit new members of staff.
  • Distinct advantage by spreading the cost of recruitment over a longer period.
  • You can take your temporary member of staff on permanently at a reduced fee after they have completed 12 weeks or if you extend the period of hire up to 25 weeks there is no additional charge.


Note. Whilst they are in the temporary period before they move into permanent employment with you the following features apply.


  • You receive a weekly invoice but only pay for the actual hours worked and not for lunch periods or breaks
  • There are NO notice periods, assignments end early if  you want
  • Rates quoted include all statutory employment costs


You can be assured that all TSL candidates will have been subject to our FULL recruitment process including:

Telephone Screening • Full Candidate Registration Process • ID Checking • Full Interview • Skills Checking/Testing

Securing Proof of Qualifications • Reference Checking • Proof of Ability to Work in UK •

CRB (DBS) Checking Where Necessary

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