Fixed Term Contracts

Ideal for…

Maternity leave or long term sickness/absenteeism when you know the start and end date of your need.

  • You take the employee on to your payroll for the set period.
  • A one off fee is chargeable and the employee is paid by you, the employer, for the duration of the assignment.
  • The contract has a fixed budget as the assignment has a definite start and end date.
  • It gives the employee a ‘sense of belonging’ and a clear date to complete the assignment by.


Is a Fixed Term Contract right for you?

If you think that this approach suits your company then talk to us about our Fixed Term option, many companies like the fixed term approach because they can set budgets and plan without the need to take on anyone on a contractual basis.


You can be assured that all TSL candidates will have

been subject to our FULL recruitment process including:

Telephone Screening • Full Candidate Registration Process • ID Checking • Full Interview • Skills Checking/Testing

Securing Proof of Qualifications • Reference Checking • Proof of Ability to Work in UK •

CRB (DBS) Checking Where Necessary

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