Fixed Fee

Why have a fixed fee option?

Everyone loves to negotiate

Everyone likes to feel that have negotiated a price off the standard terms, whether you’re buying a settee, a car or even a meal in a restaurant – we all love a bargain.

Recruitment is no different really. People always negotiate and want to set their own fee structure. We, in turn, are happy to negotiate and agree IN ADVANCE of starting work on the vacancy a fixed fee option. Fixed fee is therefore the term we put on a negotiated rate that takes us away from our Perm Standard Terms.

Multiple vacancies to fill

Some companies want multiple vacancies filling and rather than be bound by the need to pay a full fee for each of the people they take on, they negotiate a reduced fee per person they take on, it makes perfect sense. However, we generally like to operate on an exclusive or dual agency basis under those circumstances.

Its a win-win situation. You get the same level of commitment & service and fill your vacancies cheaper than the standard terms and we get to showcase our abilities and skill and get rewarded by multiple lower fees when we place people with you.


Its a fact, agencies love exclusivity. We are no different. We are happy to negotiate a discounted rate against our standard terms in return for the chance to operate on a exclusive basis. In other words, we would be the only agency who you would give the role to and so we could comfortably market the position and undertake our own candidate attraction processes knowing the only time candidates would see the position(s) would be through ourselves.

Exclusivity is a very popular option with our clients and we are happy to discuss these situations with you and even provide references if you desire.

What’s normally negotiated in our Fixed Fee options

  • A lower % of the salary/package offered to a candidate
  • A fixed fee where the price for the recruitment is agreed in advance.
  • Extended payment terms

Important things to consider

  • We would always ensure that any agreement to deviate from our standard terms is done so under correct agreement and signed by both parties.
  • We would always ensure that any deviation agreement would include agreement on payment terms, the last thing we need is to discount fees and then not get paid on time.
  • We would not deviate when we have market intelligence that indicates that recruitment for a particular role is very difficult and the availability of candidates is very poor. Under those circumstances our fees would remain the same as our standard search.

On the whole, its a very useful option and one we are happy to discuss.

Either give us a call, request a call back or speak to your consultant, we are all here to help.