Permanent Options

We love the challenge of finding permanent staff

There is nothing we like more than being told that

“We’ve looked al over for the right person, advertised ourselves and even had an agency on it, don’t think there is anyone out there that fits our criteria”

It happens, some people honestly believe that recruitment is as simple as just posting an advert and waiting for the applicants to flood in. The REC (Recruitment Employment Confederation) employment survey, in February 2014 identified that there is a real skill and candidate shortage; so it is not surprising that many companies now outsource their efforts to recruit permanent members of staff.

In light of that, we recognise that there is a need to offer a professional permanent recruitment service for ALL clients no matter what the size of their budget.

For that reason we are pleased to offer:

So, no matter what your budget we have a permanent recruitment option for you.

Give us a call or request a call back at a time to suit you, we’re happy to discuss, help advise and support.