Interim Managers

tsl-logo-executiveThe right staff at the right time

Post recession many companies are now involved in acquisitions or mergers, takeovers or rescues of good companies that have, for one reason or another become vulnerable and exposed.

There is currently an increasing demand for good quality, immediately available, trustworthy, reliable and experienced senior interim managers to take on short, medium or long term roles.

So why are we the right company to trust to find Interim Managers?

The facts speak for themselves:

  • We recruit at this level and therefore have access to the social networks such staff communicate in
  • We network with high level managers and have often undertaken specialist recruitment for them therefore we have a bank of candidates we know are seeking fresh challenges
  • We deliberately target such managers because they are our key decision makers for all levels of recruitment, hence our networks are strong
  • We have a bank of ‘neutral’ candidates who are available for the right challenge but wouldn’t be seen on any job boards
  • We undertake redundancy counselling and hence have access to the network of similar companies that undertake similar work, and access to their databases of candidates.

In addition

  • We have a bank of available interims, some out on assignments and for whom we actively promote when we know their assignment is coming to a close
  • We have access to excellent job boards and with our skilled advertising we often attract the best candidates, quickly to our vacancies, so we are comfortable with short turnaround times.