More Success down to Our Job Alerts system

As desire to keep in touch with candidates

As a business, we are always looking at ways of ensuring we keep an appropriate balance between business development, bringing the jobs in, so we can attract the very best candidates and then having attracted candidates, keeping them informed of all job vacancies so we can respond to a clients need, quickly.

Its not an easy balance because in many cases we may attract 15, 20, 30 good candidates who we then have to register, interview, reference check as part of our thorough processes only then to create a shortlist of the very best 5 or 6 that we would then send to a client. Who in turn, may only take on 1 or 2 of the candidates from the initial 15, 20 or 30.

This means we have to develop ways in which we can keep those registered candidates happy, communicate with them regularly and support them in the job search process.

Job Alerts

On such way to stay in touch is our Job Alerts’ system, now developed and enhanced on the new look website.

If ever you needed a reason to sign up for the ‘Job Alerts’ system here is an example of something that happened this last week (w/e 20th July 2014).

The job Alerts system sends an email direct to your inbox when a new vacancy is registered and launched on our website. That is an example of simple technology and I am amazed more agencies don’t do the same, its not hard. However, when you register and select the sector or sectors you want notifying of vacancies from, your details are stored on our database and you also automatically receive a regular update of all vacancies we are seeking to fill.

This professionally designed e-flyer details all the jobs and allows you to link back to the website for full details. Simple.

This week, Kieran, our young apprentice who has been tasked with the sending of this e-flyer, sent it out to over 1100 candidates. The e-flyer was sent on Wednesday. By Thursday morning we had had 8 responses from candidates whose situations had changed slightly and were in fact now interested in a role outside of their initial role / sector choice.

Proof -Job Alert System delivers results – for candidates

By close of business on Thursday, less than 24 hours after the initial e-flyer went out, 3 had been scheduled in for an interview with clients for real, permanent vacancies (one was at interview on Friday less than 48 hours after responding to the e-flyer) and 3 had had their CV’s sent to clients from whom we were awaiting feedback, probably linking to 3 further interviews.

The other 2 are now in the recruitment process for the other 2 jobs they were interested in.

Note; ALL 8 Candidates had initially registered with us and had given us the types of roles they wanted considering for and the areas they were willing to work in BUT for various reasons their circumstances had changed and so had their job search criteria. They hadn’t updated us with those changes BUT our ‘Job Alert’ system automatically informed them of our vacancies and thus allowed them to be better informed and make a decision that could lead to 8 people into a new job.

It’s a FREE service, its something we do because we want to be different to other agencies, you can see, it really can work.