Terms of Business & Cost Options

As with all reputable recruitment agencies we have a set of standard terms of business.

By operating within agreed terms

  • Protects both parties, saves any disputes and upset to working relationships
  • We negotiate and agree changes / deviations at the outset
  • You know the depth and range of service we will undertake on your behalf & how our fees are calculated

Supply of temporary workers – what’s in the standard terms?

  • Loads of definitions of terms, worth reading because they all relate to important stages of the recruitment and in-work phase of the temporary workers lifetime

and also some other critical bits you need to know

  • Your obligations to let us know key information that affect Agency Workers Rights legislation
  • Health & Safety responsibilities
  • Complying with Working Time Regulations
  • What to do if you need to pay them a bonus
  • What we will do on your behalf and the minimum level of service we will provide
  • Management of temporary workers timesheets
  • Our charges, VAT and payment terms
  • What needs to happen if you want to take the temporary worker on permanently
  • Unsuitability & Termination of a temporary workers assignment

It looks a lot but these terms protect us all as well as the temporary worker.

Download Temp Standard Terms

Introduction of Fixed Fee or Permanent staff – what’s in the standard terms?

  • All the legal mumbo jumbo you’d expect re legislation, definition of terms, data protection, confidentiality and notifications (all standard stuff).

and the bits you’re really bothered about:

  • How the fees are calculated, including VAT
  • When payment is expected
  • Late payment penalties
  • What we will do on your behalf throughout the recruitment process
  • What if you take on a candidate sent to you by us at a later time
  • Refund periods and the amount of any refunds

Download Perm Standard Terms

NB. Many clients look at our terms and negotiate amendments to or standard terms, this is fine by us and we are always happy to help.
For more information or to discuss our standard terms please give us a call, we’re here to help. 
100% Clients, when questioned, valued our clear terms of business.
100% Clients who placed a vacancy with us signed our terms of business