What if you want to complain?

We are not perfect and we do make mistakes.

Quite often we are aware of the mistake and quickly correct it, many times without anyone being aware or affected by the mistake. They’re the best ones to make !

However, some times mistakes and errors are not identified in time and someone is affected.

When that does happen we always want you to tell us first.

The only promise we can make you is that we will deal with it straight away. We encourage all our consultants to be honest about any mistakes made, that helps promote and embed the open and honest culture and ultimately enhance the companies reputation.

That said, sometimes when you do feel aggrieved or upset it may be about a procedural or compliance issue that are imposed on us. When those situations arise we will always seek to explain why we have had to act in a particular manner.

Our main focus is about making sure you feel listened to, understood and that you know we understand the impact our action or non action has had upon you. When this is confirmed we then investigate what went wrong to cause the complaint.

We record all complaints

By recording complaints we can identify any particular staff member who may need additional support or training, forms or letter templates that might need amending, or even a particular customer care / service issue we need to implement.

Either way, we want to make sure we record, investigate, resolve and communicate action taken in an honest and open manner and that you have faith in our process.

You will always know what’s happening with your complaint

You will always get an email confirming details of your complaint when it’s received. Updates where necessary & then verbal and email feedback when the matter has been investigated and concluded.

If you wish to make a complaint please either contact your consultant, their line manager or Simon Lally, TSL’s Quality Manager on 01226 249 666 or via email.