£50 Reward if you Recommend a Friend

TSL Logo 1What are we offering?

£50 cash into your bank when we place someone you recommended into any Permanent Role registered with TSL

Why are we offering you £50 to recommend a friend?

We spend a great deal of time searching for great candidates, suitable applicants for all the roles we are working on. By rewarding people who have gone through our recruitment processes and who feel they have friends, relatives, colleagues or associates they can recommend to us, saves us time advertising and searching.

What do you need to do?

Simply enter your details and their details in the ‘Recommend a Friend’ box on the left hand side of this page. We will do the rest.

How do we reward you?

We promise that for each person that you nominated through the recommend a friend system – who then registers with us and completes all our registration documentation and secures a permanent position through TSL, we will contact you and send you £50.

They aren’t High Street Vouchers, money off coupons or other forms of trickery, its money you can use for whatever you want.

How long does the recommendation last for?

There is no time limit. As long as the person you recommended is registered with us, your recommendation stays live.

How many recommendations can you make?

PLEASE use the recommend a friend system to make as many recommendations as you want.

BUT remember they need to be able to register with us, complete the registration process and be available for permanent work

How do you track if your recommendation has been placed in a job?

Obviously, to make a recommendation the person is known to you, you will have contact with them so you should be able to easily find out if they do get a job through TSL.

To ensure the validity of the system you receive confirmation emails when they register, and when / if they are placed in a permanent position.

We will then contact you to inform you of their success and at that time ask you for your bank details to transfer the cash.

Any small print ?

Only one thing you need to know. The money will be paid after they have completed 7 weeks in post.

What are you waiting for?

On the left hand side of this page is the recommend a friend box…. thanks, we value every recommendation we get.


95 % Candidates placed would 'Highly Recommend' our service to others
98 % Candidates placed felt our aftercare was excellent