Job Alerts – Why you need to sign up

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In the ‘About us’ section we talked about how we operate with Old Fashioned Values and working practices and that we were not being one of those technology led, faceless and personality free agencies. Well, we have successfully integrated some proven technology into our day to day activities. The job Alert system is one of those systems.

How does it work?

Simply, using ‘Register for Job Alerts’ the box on the left hand side of this page, input your contact details then select the sector from which you would like to kept informed of when vacancies are placed with us.  We will do the rest, but rest assured, when a vacancy is placed with us, you will get an email notifying of the vacancies and linking to the vacancy pages for the job(s) on this website.

Remember – This is a FREE service.

Have I got to be registered with TSL to receive Job Alerts?

No. But we stand more chance of responding to clients need quickly if you are actually registered with us. Speed of turnaround is often a key factor in getting good quality candidates in front of clients before other agencies so obviously we’d prefer it if you were registered but its not a requirement of the system.

What will happen?

You will get instant confirmation that you have registered with the system from then on email notification and a direct link to the job that has just been advertised on our website. Our social media tools advertise all jobs but this system lets you select what jobs you want to be notified about.

Can I cancel my notification?

Yes. At any time you can cancel your request. each email carries the ability to cancel. We are here to help you not bombard you with information you no longer need.

Are my details retained confidentially?

Yes. We don’t share your details and your data is kept on a secure server away from our candidate and client database.

So its a FREE system, you choose what vacancies you want to receive and you cancel the notifications at any time, what have you got to loose ?

Register for Job Alerts now.

91 % Candidates registered rated TSL additional support as excellent
84 % Candidates registered rated TSL Job Alert system as 'very useful'