Good Old Fashioned Values

TSL Logo 1Remember the old days?

We’ve been doing recruitment now for 15 years, the combined experience of our staff is in excess of 122 years so we have good memories of when the ‘art of recruitment’ wasn’t an impersonal standardised almost faceless system, driven by technology but one delivered by recruitment professional with strong person values.

In the good old days, it was about trained recruitment professionals with strong personal values, delivering a recruitment process on behalf of clients they knew and understood, with a service that matched or exceeded the expectations of the client. You got to know the personality and culture of the client business and instinctively knew who would fit in and ‘match’ their need.

From a candidates perspective, those were the days when, because you knew your client, you would talk passionately about their need, who would fit in, what skills & ability they needed and therefore using a range of attraction methods, would attract the very best candidates.

Candidates would be treated with respect, led through the registration processes, interviewed face to face, advised, guided, supported, developed, and communicated with. They would be kept up to date with their application, prepared for interview, given the critical information to allow them to best perform at interview and then either supported into the new role or given correct, proper and accurate feedback on their performance at interview.

Nothings changed for us, that’s how we do recruitment.


Its simple really, if you’re a client we really want to get to know you, understand & confirm your need and then deliver against it. You then know what what we’re doing for you and we know what you want, when you want it for and how you would like us to deliver our service to integrate with your recruitment processes.  Its really not complicated.

Clients – either request a call back, or give us a call.



You can expect the same levels of commitment. We care; therefore we listen, support, advise, guide and most importantly we communicate, we’re big on that. So you know where you stand and what we’re doing for you – all the time.

Its how we do it that makes us great !

Candidates – Submit your CV and start the journey, who knows where it will lead?


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