About Us

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We are TSL Business Support Limited. Trading as  TSL Recruitment

Company No. 8898634     Vat No. 181229220  Head Office: Our Sheffield Address.


We have built this section of the site with 3 categories of people in mind and hope that it is packed with information, advice & support to allow you to make a decision, no matter what your question.

The 3 categories ? You could be a new, existing or potential client; you could be a candidate or someone checking us out including  those quality standards we have achieved, employment bodies checking our compliance or you could even be a competitor.

Our focus is, and always will be, toward Clients and Candidates. So, please have a look around, we are proud of TSL and this site and would welcome your feedback particularly if there is something that you wanted and couldn’t find or even if you want more information.

About us & Our Recruitment Offer Pages

These pages should give you all the background information about us as a company, how we operate, our focus on quality, our values, customer service standards,  – basically what you can expect as a candidate or a client and how the management of both has lead to our success, growth and influence in the local, regional and national recruitment market.

You should also see all our areas of specialism, the range of temporary, interim, permanent & executive level roles we constantly fill. The only thing it doesn’t detail is the flair and imagination of our staff constantly demonstrate – that’s the magic dust that’s sets us apart from others, but trust us, its there!

Candidate & Client Zones

You have to visit these areas of the site.

They are an ever growing library of resources not just for the recruitment process, but for every aspect of business life whether you are employed or an employer.

The sizable majority are free to download but some need you to register to access them. Its all part of our USP, we believe its ‘nice to be nice’ and when you can enjoy giving more than receiving and help others achieve, it makes the working day far more enjoyable. So have a look round our site, its been designed with you in mind. Remember, we’d love your feedback on the site.

95% Candidates placed felt they recieved excellent communication during the recruitment process
92% Clients impressed with our understanding of candidates submitted for consideration